The Parts of Speecking English | Lush web

The Parts of Speecking English | Lush web

The parts of english speech can guide you to how to speek right english with any person. Lush web in this post guide you about speeking right and quality english with others. you can learn about english speeking with these activities so read and share with friends ans other family members.Visit for daily updates. 

1: Noun()         2: Pronoun     3: Adjective
4: verb             5: Adverb        6:Preposition
7: Conjunction      8: Interjection.
1:Noune > A noune is the name of a person  ,place or thing:
1)Tahir , 2)Makkah , 3)Book , 4)Pen.
2:Pronoune > is a world that is used instead of a noun to avoid repetition.

1)Faiz is weak , he cannot walk on foot.
2)Though Rafique is poor , he is honest.
3: > Adjective An adjective is a world which describes or gives information about a noun or pronoun.
 1)Umar is a good boy.
2)Aamar is brave boy.
3)This almirah is very old.
4 > Verb A Verb is a world that indicates action.
1)She writes an essay.
2)I write a letter.
3)We play Foot ball.
5 >Adverb  Adverb is a world which adds something to the meaning of a verb , an adjective or another adverb.
1)He runs swiftly.
2)He speaks slowly.
6 > Preposition  A preposition shows the relation of a noune or a pronoun of something else.

1)The book is on the table.
2)The pen is on the desk.
3)I am found of playing cricket.
7 > Conjunction  A conjuction is a word which joins toget her words or sentences.
1)Yasin and shabeer went to college..
2)Although faaiq is poor , yet he is not miser.
8 > Interjection  The articles:-(a , an and the): an article generallses or particularizes a noun :as.
1)A boy is standing there
2)Give him an orange
3)The doctor is not at home.


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